Friday, August 5

I lived for ten years in a house that had gold-flocked wallpaper in the family bathroom. My bedroom was "decorated" in red and blue, not my choices at all. The carpeting was red, the bedspread and curtains a weird red and blue swirling print with touches of white and some black accents. The colors were really terrible, but I never tried to change them. There was too much life going on in that house. But when i was getting ready to leave I thought, I've been here ten whole years of my life. How long would it have taken to change the color schemes and materials? And then how long would I have been able to enjoy the new setting, done with personal preferences?
Now I am in a house that I love and have lived in, off and on, for 18 years. At one point, thank goodness, i painted the mustard yellow kitchen some warm shades of rosy brick colors. But the floor all these years has been wrteched old torn, pitted, scuffed linoleum. Now, in the space of a few days, I have a shining oak floor. The wonder of it!