Saturday, May 13

Saturday morning, a class day, still blackberry winter. Sunny and clear, cool but with a promise of warmth later on. In the afternoon I will be at LEAF, sitting on the sand reading while my grandchildren play in the water or on the beach. In front of Harris House, two mockingbirds fuss over a crow. Who is in whose territory? One bird chases the crow away. A small black curly coated dog trots across the scene and disappears. A worker on the new chapel roof calls out in Sapnish to another man. In the library, young boys are building a boat for the afternoon races on the school lake. They're using cardboard boxes and duct tape. All around me, kids are peeling oranges and eating snacks from bags donated by the parents. It's not a day to be inside. I'll go out and check on the plants I moved outdoors yesterday. It's Saturday.