Wednesday, March 8


Here are Stinky and Bailey, left and right, in Oregon, where they live with Zack and Rachel and Cassius. Stinky is kind of old and lame, but Bailey is a big strong boy. Stinky is a GOOD DOG. Bailey is a GOOD DOG. Both Stinky and Bailey are GOOD dogs. Tomorrow I'm going to fly out to see them.

Saturday, March 4

My first daffodils bloomed before the end of February. On the 26th I picked seven to bring indoors for the dinner table. We ate roast lamb and potatoes with garlic and rosemary, and green beans. Also blooming are crocus and now, March 4, tiny daffodils and a miniature iris, and lovely varied pansies. The forsythia is beginning, too, and the winter honeysuckle, that which I haven't hacked off, is in bloom