Saturday, April 28

I Have Seen Sandcastles

The waves roll out and the waves roll in,
And the night wind comes and goes;
But why the moon man fishes the sea
Only the moon man knows.
--Wynken, Blinken and Nod,
Eugene Field

Thursday, April 26

Me too! Me too! Me tooo!

Don and Rhonda and Heath want their pictures posted too! Little Capricorns all. I suppose the little pigs will want their day in the sun, too. Hold your breath....

Wednesday, April 25

"Poor Little Ada Queetie"

A prize to the first who recognizes the reference, without the help of a search engine. I first heard about Ada Queetie in Cleveland and have especially fond of chickens ever since. Here are pictures of my grandchickens, who live with my granddogs and grandchildren. I'm not allowed to blog pictures of the children, so here are chickens.

If I remembered any of the poem I'd tell you.
Chickens are proud and bold and will bother the pigs if given a chance. This is all for now.

Friday, April 13

Flotsam and jetsam

I wish I had something profound and metaphorical to say with this beach picture (of the groin at Hunting Island), but I don't, so I just wanted to share it anyway. Google's Picasa, though, has a new feature that works something like Flickr, where you can share your photos on the web. Since I've been too lazy to use Flickr, I'm going to be putting more albums on Picasa. More later.
Today's announcements are two. One is that I started another blog for books and reading. I just assumed my loyal readers (all three) would automatically discover it, but then realized that you'd have to go to the profile. So... if you visit my profile, you'll see it listed.
The other announcement is that I have a letter to the editor in today's local paper. (Two links, incase one expires after today, but they're both to the same thing). I wrote it in response to one last week decrying all the fuss about global warming. I wish I'd made it a bit more subtle, but there it is.

Saturday, April 7

Full Flower Moon Sets at Dawn

Nature Commute in April. The full flower moon will set soon behind Mt. Pisgah while the sun, obscured by the ridge to my east, is rising. The wonderful camera captures it well. Sunday will be Easter. We will have snow on Saturday morning, thus fulfilling the promise of dogwood winter. One more to go -- blackberry. How many people don't know the old time wisdom. Everyone says, "My goodness, a cold snap! And the flowering trees are in bloom! What will become of them, and us? Oh woe, oh chaos!" But folks, it happens every year. One to go before it gets really warm, and the frogs and crickets chirp every night. I've adopted a cyber pet. We'll see how he works out. Much easier to "get rid of" if necessary than a warm one.
We look to the web for our weather, rather than looking to the earth. Forgotten knowledge, it's called.

Thursday, April 5

Cape Cod girls, they have no combs

When I was a girl, we may have combed our hair with codfish bones, but we never did this, and I wish we had. We could skate all day and half the night, but we all wore figure skates, not hockey.