Saturday, April 7

Full Flower Moon Sets at Dawn

Nature Commute in April. The full flower moon will set soon behind Mt. Pisgah while the sun, obscured by the ridge to my east, is rising. The wonderful camera captures it well. Sunday will be Easter. We will have snow on Saturday morning, thus fulfilling the promise of dogwood winter. One more to go -- blackberry. How many people don't know the old time wisdom. Everyone says, "My goodness, a cold snap! And the flowering trees are in bloom! What will become of them, and us? Oh woe, oh chaos!" But folks, it happens every year. One to go before it gets really warm, and the frogs and crickets chirp every night. I've adopted a cyber pet. We'll see how he works out. Much easier to "get rid of" if necessary than a warm one.
We look to the web for our weather, rather than looking to the earth. Forgotten knowledge, it's called.

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