Wednesday, April 25

"Poor Little Ada Queetie"

A prize to the first who recognizes the reference, without the help of a search engine. I first heard about Ada Queetie in Cleveland and have especially fond of chickens ever since. Here are pictures of my grandchickens, who live with my granddogs and grandchildren. I'm not allowed to blog pictures of the children, so here are chickens.

If I remembered any of the poem I'd tell you.
Chickens are proud and bold and will bother the pigs if given a chance. This is all for now.


caleb said...

i recognize it, in the sense that it sounds familiar. but i can't say where it's from.

jane said...


Anonymous said...

I have the poem in a collection called "Poor Little Hearts" where Nancy Luce mourns the loss of her little Ada Queetie who died February 25th, Thursday night at 12 o'clock, 1858, aged most 9 years. These were a couple of Ms. Luce's chickens, along with a flock that included such great ladies as Teeddla Toona, Lebootie Ticktuzy, Levendy Ludandy, Lily Laly and many more.