Friday, April 13

Flotsam and jetsam

I wish I had something profound and metaphorical to say with this beach picture (of the groin at Hunting Island), but I don't, so I just wanted to share it anyway. Google's Picasa, though, has a new feature that works something like Flickr, where you can share your photos on the web. Since I've been too lazy to use Flickr, I'm going to be putting more albums on Picasa. More later.
Today's announcements are two. One is that I started another blog for books and reading. I just assumed my loyal readers (all three) would automatically discover it, but then realized that you'd have to go to the profile. So... if you visit my profile, you'll see it listed.
The other announcement is that I have a letter to the editor in today's local paper. (Two links, incase one expires after today, but they're both to the same thing). I wrote it in response to one last week decrying all the fuss about global warming. I wish I'd made it a bit more subtle, but there it is.

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