Sunday, February 18


One of my blog muses began simply and has become, while still as interesting both verbally and visually, more intricate and extensive over the past years. Images especially, I was thinking, have become increasingly abstract and even edgy. Meanwhile, mine are icons of a romantic ideal of life. Maybe it's simply different sensibilities, but maybe the one is a better way to face life, less blind-eyed. But on Valentine's Day (late) it's fine to show lovely things.

The Valentines pictured above span six decades, more or less.

When you send a Valentine,

That's the time for fun;

Stick it underneath the door

And run, run, run.

That one's so satisfying to say. Here's another, a brief quotation from something still under copyright, Father Fox's Pennyrhymes, by Clyde and Wendy Watson:

Country Bumpkin

Pick a pumpkin

Put it in your heart:

For little Jenny


Valentine sweetheart.

Also from that lovely book is this, intended for the summer fair in its cycle of seasons, but appropriate for this day as well:

Huckleberry, gooseberry, raspberry pie

All sweetest things one cannot buy.

Peppermint candies are six for a penny,

But true love & kisses, one cannot buy any.

"Love's a sweet no money can buy." ~ Father Fox

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