Sunday, May 20

Stinky Gardener

Stinky was a prince of a dog. An enormous sofa dog, a sweet love, and smart! Look how he knew to "get out of the kitchen!" Though he was awful in the car, he was wonderful at home. He loved to "go for a walk," although I was once mislead into thinking he could as easily as I walk to downtown Portland and back over the bridge and home. No one told me ahead of time that about halfway, just after you'd turned to come back from the park with the water that sprays up out of the ground and pools on the polished granite, he'd start STOPPING, seriously stopping. All we could do was stop in a doorway for six or seven minutes, then struggle on a few more blocks. I thought I'd have to carry him. Eventually we got back. Later, Zack said, "Oh, of course! You have t stop and rest for ten minutes every so many blocks." After that, I'd walk Stinksters to the park a block from his house.
Here's to Stinky, and his long life in our hearts. A great dog passes.


caleb said...

what museum is that? i want to see the exhibit!

jane said...

Oh ho, you have to know! The more you browse, the more you know! (But I always make allowances for different learning styles, as educators were saying one year or another-- anyway, You're an engineer (not TOOT! TOOOT!! The Huf'n Puff is comin')), and if you really would like me to tell you I will. It's a trade secret, I guess.