Thursday, June 28

Rosie, my new walking dog

Rosie is the sweetest dog in the world. She is probably related to Stinkypotamous. Zack would love her. Everyone loves Rosie. People stop by her yard and visit with her. But I'm really lucky, because I finally met her owners, who told me that the children are welcome to come into the yard and play (The People are at work all day) AND that I could walk her any time I liked. The leash is in the outside shed.

So this morning, while it was still cool (with 95% humidity), I took Rosie for a walk. And guess what? She and I are perfect walk partners. She likes to walk along at a brisk pace, with stops for sniffing and marking. She will heel if I ask her to and knows how to stop at intersections, then start when I start up. She doesn't pull on the leash but does like to walk out in front, tracking the scents. She walks the same way Sophie did. She snuffs a bit, the way dogs do if slightly frustrated, when I don't let her go into someone's yard, but she obeys cheerfully. Just that little audible exhalation of breath. So, as long as it's summer and I'm home, I look forward to morning Walks With Rosie.

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