Tuesday, December 4

Are you clickable? I am....

Technology & Learning for November 2007 has a one page bit called "The Importance of Being 'Clickable,'" talking about how important it is (at least for professional purposes) to have an online presence. So I went ahead and Googled myself, without the middle initial, and found one "real" me and the usual assortment of English chinchilla breeders, opera singers, actresses and a motley assortment of dead people. But then a light bulb went on, and I searched for "Jane L. Hyde." Aha! That made all the difference. I found lots of hits, nothing embarrassing but a bit surprising, most being comments I've left on other blogs and websites. It's curious to see your own comments out there on the web. So I'm reassured, I think, to find that I have an online presence, however modest. But my school blogs and personal ones are under different registrations, so maybe my professional connections don't show up as much as my enthusiastic responses to sundry topics.

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