Sunday, February 10

Delectable, beyond words...

One of the scrumptious holiday goodies from beth and Cary ane family. The grandchildren helped make short work of them. There were also crystallized ginger slices dipped in dark chocolate, and more.... yummmm....
Sometimes I jot down notes from things I hear on the radio. here's a tidbit, but the context is lost:
"How dare you? What the hell do you mean?"
"You handed her that halibut and expected her to--"
"To what? To cook it? That's all."
Today the wind is so strong I'm scared to go out under the ancient oaks and flimsy pines. The shelves on the proch blew over, and the porch is now covered with gardening gradu and shards of pottery. But Dougie MacLean's singing at 7 downtown: maybe the wind will have let up by then. Guess I'll learn the words to "Flower of Scotland' now.

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