Sunday, May 11

So much depends upon...

... a giant spider
passing over the city of Paris,
egg sac hanging below *

Giant spider sculpture by Louise Bourgeois, in the Jardin des Tuileries, in a photo of a picture torn from the New York Times and hanging on my fridge

Like the giant polar bear that used to grace my daily commute, this spider delights my soul. I hope she will come to the US. I might go to see her if she does. She's been to London, so maybe D.C.? Unless the President is an arachnophobe...

* in case you expected a wheelbarrow and a chicken, just wait -- they're coming soon.

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bri said...

I'll go with you!

Have you seen Jan Greenberg's Lousie Bourgeois biography for YA's? It's called Runaway Girl. I've long wanted to base a library program on it. So thank you for the spider photo and post. I'm going to look at the book again when I go to work later. Maybe it will help me think of something to suggest for summer - already I'm thinking of how to make some kind of enormous sculpture that kids can stop by and add to in my absence. (People keep asking me, how will we engage the teens this year? Since you're sick? Any ideas? huh? huh?" I'm at a loss. I don't know what to do about summer. By July, I think sick will be an understatement.)