Wednesday, November 26

Tater on the High Range

Tater often walks up and down the keys, quite deliberately, I'm sure. It's hard to catch him with the camera, but in this clip, he finally did a descending scale, with a nice resolution -- and then one more note.Posted by Picasa
He is accompanied this evening by the radio.
Of course, I can't prove to you that he is doing this deliberately. But why else would he walk down the 88 keys, thunderously, then up again, during certain wakeful periods. Of course, you say, he wants to go out! Just open the door!
But because he's a cat he can be perverse and apparently "indecisive." I doubt that a cat is indecisive at all. He's just weighing the odds that, given the cheddar cheese aroma lingering on your fingers from your snack, you will lead him to the kitchen for his own portion. rather than not.
Tater seems to walk deliberately down and up the keyboard. Sweet Pea, on the other hand, steps nimbly and soundlessly along the narrow edge of wood.


exuberance said...

oh my! videos! videos of cats! music videos of cats!

how will the rest of the internet ever compete?

JLH said...

I don't know who you are, Exuberance, but if you are being sarcastic, I can only plead my innocent naivete. I don't spend much time looking at videos on the Internet and thought Tater's fans might enjoy this. I wasn't trying to be original. This is a family and friends' blog, not a Player's.