Thursday, June 8

HELLO MUDDA, HELLO FADDA, Here I am at Camp -- Bookgeek. Yes, I've signed up for summer camp. It lasts most mornings, as long as the coffee thermos holds up. Bookgeek camp is waaayy fun. When you are done with the morning session, there's plenty of fresh air, sunshine (sometimes it thunders or rains) and nature activities outdoors. Occasional field trips to swimming places are offered. Trips to town for necessaries are scheduled in the afternoons, when the morning freshness has worn off and you don't mind closing up the computer and tidying the quarters. The picture shows the west wall of the main work cabin. The polar bear collage is from earlier camps, I think.
I'd show a picture of my authorcloud I've been working on, but I can't get it onto the computer -- not yet. Next week we're going to look at tags and tagclouds. I'm doing this using LibraryThing . More later. Posted by Picasa

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