Tuesday, June 6


When we last saw our summer plastics, the year was 2005, and hopes were high for many more brilliant images, captions, and whatnot. But the summer came and went, the school year happened, cameras fell apart, and there was no time to breathe. Now a fresh breeze of early June makes me feel I'm by Long Pond in Plymouth. The sun is warm, but indoors it would be nice to have the heat on, if I weren't so New England-thrifty. So I sit in my back porch study under an Icelandic wool blanket, ignore the dishes in the sink but attend to other housekeeping out here where I'm level with the tree branches and can hear the jays and the windchimes. Jays and titmice come eat off the windowsills, and the light is natural. It's the best of outdoor-indoors.

A GREAT place to sit and catalog all of my personal library online -- watch for my author tagcloud! And pictures of Iceland wool and notes on housekeeping.

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