Sunday, October 22

Flowering Vines

No killing frost yet, so my climbing vines are still flowering. I've been watching some big fat buds, hoping for another moonflower. Last evening before dark, two buds began to open, showing blue. Here are the two heavenly blues this morning.
The Love-in-a-Puff (can't find the packet and don't remember its scientific name) is a climbing vine with intricately-cut leaves, delicate white flowers, and pale green inflated pods the size of grapes. It's one of my favorites, though it's showy only to a close-up observer:

The translucency of the globes doesn't show up well. Maybe a late afternoon picture with the sun from the west will do this vine justice. I'll try later in the day.


MimiK said...

nigella- (love in a puff) When do you usually get your first frost? We usually have our first one around the first week-end in November. It is surprising how stable that has been over the years. My morning glories are still blooming too- I love how they live in slow motion at this time of year.

Jane Hyde said...

After Mimi's comment I looked it up. Nigella (which I have in the summer) is Love-in-a-Mist. Love-in-a-Puff is Cardiospermum haliacabam, which genus is perennial in the tropics but annual here. It's also called balloon vine and heartseed.