Tuesday, October 24

Seed Packets

I can't find the packet for the Love-in-a-Puff (Cardiospermum haliacabam), aka Balloon vine or Heartseed, but these are the packets of the climbing vine seeds I planted this year. In the lower right corner is the flowering spinach, which so far is only about six inches high, with thick leathery (edible) leaves. Maybe it will flower before frost, but it doesn't seem likely. There was snow on Mount Mitchell last night. That's over 6000 feet above sea level, and the city of Asheville is only about 2200, but winter's coming. The boys from the Bahamas and Jamaica are freezing. In fact, they started wearing winter gear as soon as daytime temperatures got down to 60. One of the Jamaican boys has a Brown sweatshirt, because his sister is in her second year there. "Does she like it?" "She hates it." "Why? Because it's too cold?" "Yes. "Do you think you might go to Brown?" "No!"

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Zack said...

This reminds me of my roomate who has spent his whole life in Texas and other southern climates. Whenever Portland cools down to a civilized 55 degrees, he behaves as if he's been stranded on an ice floe--kvetching about how he's "freezing to death."

I just think of my six years in Buffalo and look at him and shake my head.

Love the seed packets.