Friday, December 29

Best Books of 2006

In the true spirit of the ever-questing librarian I aspire to be, I'm posting my list of my best reading experiences of the year on a page made with Google Labs' Page Creator. Take a look at my book page at And I recommend that people try out Google Page Maker. Just as with Blogger, you have a choice of attractive templates, and it's very easy to make a page. You can have up to five URLs, and I assume each one can have unlimited links to additional pages. I'm still trying to figure out whether I'm creating a site or a page and whether the distinction is real. My only complaint so far is that the discussion forum doesn't seem to be attended to too closely by the lab personnel. I'm spoiled by my experience with the amazing LibraryThing, where the blogs are read and responded to regularly by Tim and Abby. Of course, comparing LT with the Google behemoth is like comparing Malaprop's with Amazon.

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