Sunday, December 17

Cats and Curiouser

The cat has taste. She goes for the Pendleton bathrobe from the Sisters of Mercy Thriftshop (on Hendersonville Rd., in the K-Mart plaza) as soon as it's out of the bag. I have to wait till she lets me try it on.

Later. The old cat Tater has found another box. Earlier he tried three or four times to get into a Sam Adams box but tipped it over every time and then gave up. This shoe box is better, even if there's an empty tissue box in his way.

Old riddle: On which voyage did Columbus discover [sic] America? ..... His last one.

And now --- the most curious of all ---

Notice: I hope this isn't a violation of copyright. It's a snapshot of my fridge. I can hardly stop looking at it.

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