Saturday, January 13

On the Road

I-80 West

New Jersey and Pennsylvania are cold in December, so the bait machine is empty. But the fisherman's satisfaction and the sunlight radiate delight and feelings of spring to come.

The radio station from Philadelphia plays "Second Week of Deercamp" and "Donnie the Reindeer" on the road west toward the Delaware River and PA. Look them up.

Back Home, Cats are Happy


MimiK said...

that vending machine is the coolest!

Miss Brown said...

How did you get more than one book on your library page? Try as I may, I only get one!

Jane L. Hyde said...

Miss B. -- I'm not sure just which page you mean. If you mean the LibraryThings widget ("Random books from my library") I used to have mine like yours on your very nice page, but then I saw the covers collage and went back to the LT page, and sure enough, it's one of the options. Just replace your present widget with this one.

Mimi -- I love the machine. It's the second time I've seen one in that region. I'll send you a closeup of the labels of what's in there in the spring. It's not a good picture, but you can see the selection. By the way, your blanket/afghan/throw whatever is lovely, and I looked at a couple of the highlighted knitting/crochet blogs and saw such glorious things that I may have to knit some more.