Saturday, January 27


Inspired by Mimi's doll (and other creations) blog and her links to the blogs of other artists and craftspeople, I thought I'd post a couple of my little projects, just because they're colorful and they're made of wool. I don't do a lot of knitting because I'd usually rather read, but I love the feel and look of wool. Some people can read and knit, but I can't. And I love to wear my knitted hats and see family members wearing them. I've been experimenting with felting them to make them warm enough for sensitive ears, but I still need to make them longer to accommodate for the shrinkage. In the last picture, of the unfinished hat, the dark green band doesn't show up well, but the colors are really very nice.
This last picture is some wonderful slipper socks my friend Rob gave me for Christmas. They're neither wool nor knitting, but acrylic and crochet, and they are great.

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MimiK said...

beautiful woolies!