Wednesday, March 28

I'm stunned

And I'm flabbergasted over Oprah's new book club choice. Who woulda thunk it? I don't think I even have an appropriate picture for this post. This one's not bleak enough, but it's a destination they might get to.


penumbra said...

Do I detect a note of Oprah sarcasm? A kindred spirit! Jane, your wonderful letter arrived yesterday--please keep putting pen to paper even though you can enjoy the regular gratification of blogging--and I responded to your suggestion and found Shards and Shiny Things (have the bulbs I sent you--tiny pink flowers (can't remember what they're called)-- continued to thrive).
And--no suprise--I immediately found myself smiling over your comments about Oprah's club (do you know how frustrating it is for a student to say, "Mrs. Campbell, have you noticed how many of the books that we read at Reserve were [first] selections for Oprah's Book Club)? I couldn't wait for the U.S. Postal Service to tell you that my AP class begins "No Country For Old Men" next week. I think you're right--your subtly beautiful ocean scene is not quite bleak enough for Oprah's McCarthy selection. I just finished the AP audit (hated having to plan so far ahead--at Reserve I teach two separate semester courses to seniors [AP and regular] for which I have complete creative control, and I don't typically use the same texts year after year [guess I'll just have to submit to the audit specs yearly]). Henry James was a stretch this year, so I loved reading your supportive comments and will rightfully address them in greater detail next time I put pen to paper! Happy, happy, Jane--

St. Dunstan Library said...

How wonderful to have a new reader! Do you have a blog? Maybe you're dipping your toes into the water and aren't ready to go public yet? Gee, now I might have five readers! Yes, the bulbs are stunning -- I only have a few in bloom so far this year but I keep watching each day to see what's up. Best wishes!
By the way, I LOVED "The Road" -- it just seemed to me a surprising choice for Oprah. And no, it really wasn't meant to be sarcastic, just surprised. She's kind of like the Newbery -- her recommendation means one book will get lots more attention than others, but I'm all for any and all promotion of reading.
I'm going to start another blog, just for my reading, as soon as I think of a title.

penumbra said...

Ok, it's back to pen and paper for me. I just finished another comment, perhaps much too long for this venue, and it's simply vaporized! To answer your question. No blog. I only creatd the screen name today, in an effort to respond quickly to you. I don't even have a cell phone! It is disappointing to lose a message one has spent time creating. More soon.

jane said...

Tell me ab out it. I've lost several comments through flukes like this. It's very exasperating. But hang in there! I don't have a cell phone wither, nor does one of my sons! The last luddites in America we are. Why don't you email me at school, then I'll have your email address and will reply from my gmail account, which I use for my personal correspondence. Sometimes blog comments do turn into what should be email conversations. i have another blogging librarian friend with whom I communicate this way. Anyway, if you email me I promise I'll still use the old fashined dead tree mode as well. By the way, I finally found out why my comments were coming from St. Dunstan Library and fixed it.