Saturday, March 31

March goes out in a blaze of flowers

These are the first to bloom this year of the lovely. starry pink tulips sent to me last year by my newest blog reader. I think there will be more: some are in the back yard, on the north side, where things come later. Today I'm planting my nasturtium seeds in the ground. The other annuals and climbing vines are popping up in the flats, and the yard is being taken over by chickweed, which I'm getting my exercise extirpating.
I've started a separate reading blog, which will be added to the list as soon as it has some images on it. My vow is always to have pictures as well as text.
Tomorrow is Palm Sunday in both the Eastern and Western traditions, and the ladies of a local Greek church are preparing wonderful food for lunch. I have a big order placed to take out to the country.
Here are more flowers from the yard. See how the bluebells and trillium have advanced.

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