Sunday, September 9

Anatolian Shepherd rescue! Adopt a Giant Sweetdog!

Puppy Brody, from Flickr shared photos

Wanna see a Good Dog? "A Good Dog?" Wanna fall in love at first sight, and, like Opus and those late night TV offers he can't resist for Roncorini Spaghetti Busters Only $19.95* Sign up now!, you want to finger the touchpad and sign up now for adoption, restrictions apply please see information first about this breed from the National Anatolian Shepherd Rescue Network

Chapter One: "Do You Really Want an ASD?: Ask Yourself These Questions before Bringing One Home."

Oooh, I'd put a Good Dog picture here right now, but my respect for the conventions of copyright prevent me. But there are lots and lots of pictures out there. Start anywhere.

If your breaking heart knows that you do not have a yard large enough for your shepherd to run laps at will and securely fenced you will still go on to read the second chapter, "10 Reasons NOT to Get an ASD."

Some of the available dogs are pups, some are older. Some are nearby in NC or GA or SC, others all over the US. Some are Urgent! dogs. All look sweet and smart -- and really BIG. 100 lbs. or so at adulthood. Wow. That's a dog that could keep your feet warm -- or numb -- on winter nights.

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