Sunday, September 9

La luna pasa, sabe, canta, avanza y avanza sin descanso.
-- Vicente Aleixandre, "No existe el hombre" in World Alone: Mundo a Solas
15th Sunday after Pentecost. Madeleine L'Engle has entered the Church Triumphant. as they say in RI.
My brother's company had a lovely celebration Friday, the dedication of a Japanese garden in front of the building in Cranston in his memory. Over 100 employees came, as well as family members from the area. Many people spoke of David, of his warmth and quiet friendliness. One woman is reported to have said that she took a walk with him every day at noon in the parking lot. Another said every day at two he would walk around the two-story building, and say hello to people in the company. He was well liked and is clearly missed by everybody there.
His burial site in a quiet cemetery tucked away in Barrington, is now marked with
a granite stone, that says
David S.
with dates
My mother (David's mother) wishes it said
David Simmons Luther
The old slate stones are the best. You can see them at St. Mary's Churchyard on the East Main Road in Portsmouth, where most of my family is buried.
Time to ride my bike down to the boatyard. See you later.

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