Sunday, October 28

Evening Traffic Report

4:30 p.m., traffic moving normally through the Village, sqwak! Chatter chitter chutter, swswswswsw. Looka that one, just turned into Wendeez withou blinking, ooh that one behinda didn like it, hes mad, givin the Eyetalian elbow. Those people still smokin on the bus stop bench, wonderin will the bus ever come. We could tell em it's already past HoJo's, comin down on the cathedral. Just wish that old guy would quit with the menthol, though, jeez it stinks.

Wish we could check out that crane over there, getta good view, but its still swingin back and forth. Too bad it doesn't quit till we go to the trees. Where you stay at? I stay in Seven Springs.Where you stay? Oh , I stay over at All Souls, its real cozy there. Haveta share with the bats, though.

Train's comin, onna theez days I gonna catch a ride down to Canton, see my neeces and nephews.

Here comes my cuzzin now, with his flock. Hey bro! Plennya room for all of yaz.

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