Sunday, October 14

In Memory of D, One of the World's Best Dogs

December Pansy, October 1995--October 2007

D joins the company of Good Dogs we will always remember. She was one of the best. She was the dog who taught me that German Shepherds are just about perfect. Noble, intelligent, and protective, they love to learn and to obey their master or mistress. They are guarded with strangers and completely trustworthy with their family. They are the embodiment of Dog.

Last weekend I spent two nights with D and her mate and daughters, Corkscrew and Miry. I let D sleep in the house, a treat for her. I took these pictures of her out on the porch. Every time I'd visit she would stay near me when I sat on the porch. She'd long since given up hope that I'd take her home with me, but when I sat down, she'd curl up near me.


caleb said...

I remember December by the adoring way she would greet you every time you visited her family, by the cautious interest she showed when you admired her pups, by the narrow and straight way she'd run ahead along the trails when we walked. She was a consummate dog and dear friend. It saddens me to learn that she fell into poor health, but every creature has only so long for this world. Hers was a full life, both joyous and somber in parts.

JLH said...

Yes, she was the embodiment of Dog. Your description is very apt -- the "cautious interest" is so on-spot.

rebeccahyde said...

So glad to read this as we are adjusting to our first German Shepherd and she's a handful! But sweet. A little encouragement is a great help. Rebecca

JLH said...

Train her -- do it yourselves, get help, go to a class, or whatever. The Shepherd is one of the most trainable dogs in the world. They are highly intelligent, but unlike the husky, say, they LOVE to obey you. They are happisest beside the owner, working and guarding. That's why they're "police dogs. They will reward good, consistent training (that avoids confusion) with perfect obedience and eternal loyalty. i can't say enough about these wonderful dogs.