Monday, March 10


When you use gmail to let someone know you're going to have a colonoscopy, then use the spellchecker, the word "colonoscopy" is not recognized. But gmail helpfully offers you "cloudscape" and "kaleidoscope." So, tomorrow is my day to enjoy a cloudscape. (The real fun, of course, comes the evening before, as the actual procedure is not bothersome.) In the usual way of the world, the air has been full of cloudy mentions of late. The news that a friend who is only 35 has colon cancer, front page news about the detection procedure, and several other mentions in the media of the disease. Not a good week for clouds or people. But maybe if you live out in the Pacific Northwest, things are different; no one has ever heard of such a thing. They live their happy kaleidoscopic lives out there, filled with oysters and geoducks and beautiful cloudscapes over the Pacific. (With very sincere apologies to Porter, if he see my words, because he knows that this is not true. Maybe it's only in GoogLand that there is no disease.)

P.S. Those folks at GoogGroundZero must be too busy having fun at the mothership, because they apparently don't know about geoducks either.)

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bri said...

What photos! Thank you. And I'm glad you had a cloudscape. And I'm happy you brought this fine word to my attention.

I've always secretly believed that I'm about 15 years off age-wise, which simply means that I experience things 15 years before I'm supposed to. Such as having a cloudscape at 35. And cancer. (Although that's not a "supposed to" as far as experiences go.) I think it's time to really flesh out this theory to see if there's any truth to it.

I am reading The Logic of Life while I'm recovering here at the hospital, learning all about rational choice theory and game theory, and when I take reading breaks sometimes I wonder where rich people go when they get sick (I don't think it's here). Maybe they don't get sick?