Saturday, April 26

Saturday Mashup

Librarians are wonderful, and so are their children, and also the blogs which give us these surprising discoveries! Today a lot of shiny bits and pieces appeared out of the chaos that is daily life, and with patience and attention I might get to highlight a few of them. Until next time, here is a belated Easter image from Biltmore Village --

Oh, so maybe you wanted to see the McDonald's a block away, the one that sits by the entrance to the Biltmore Estate and mirrors its style? Be good and hopeful, and maybe I'll take a couple of pictures there. While you're waiting, listen to a child talk and read a good book and remember that while change is constant, the really good things don't change.

I'm quitting trying to be "with it," technologically. The last straw came in today's funnies, when the dad in Zits announced he's started a blog, and the teen kid told him blogs are over -- now it's vlogs. What's the point? Blogger spellcheck doesn't even recognize the word "vlog." Better to put your attention on the children and the books. Maybe I'll listen to my own wisdom.


bri from barrington : ) said...

I love this photo!

Did you ever notice how our blogs have the same title? Just a different way of saying it?

Did you ever read your Amazon plog? Plogs are creepy. What is a vlog? I don't like the word blog, but I'm used to it, finally, and I accept it. The word blogspot is even worse. ew. I had a blogspot on my colon, is what that sounds like to me.

Please don't apologize for any lack of correspondence. I am equally up to my eyeballs. I know you're out there, and I enjoy thinking of you in your library, making wise and witty remarks to the students, as you fetch them your favorite stories and send them off to class. With class.

Since you're classy!

Thanks for the post. More more more!

JLH said...

"Vlog" means a video blog. Plogs are definitely creepy. Thanks for reading and commenting! More later! Hope you're doing well!