Saturday, September 23


Saffron banners hanging from Christo's gates contrasted brilliantly with black, winter-bare trees in Central Park during a recent February. Late summer's grass in a nearby green swath, recently taken over by condo developers in my neighborhood, sets off the "Gates of Kenilworth" down the street a fewblocks from me. So far I haven't seen walkers, sightseers, photographers taking in our local color, but it won't be long. Maybe I should be posting to the newspaper's blog. Do they have letters to the Editor with photos?

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Zack said...

Hey! That's where I used to walk to go get sodas and cigarettes in high school. That's the first place I ever hung out with wino's. That's where Tina Cook offered me a kiss, and I didn't realize she meant a hershey's kiss, and it was a very uncomfortable moment. They can't build there!