Sunday, September 17


The coffee took some work, as the electric coffeemaker broke. In fact, this was a week of breaking. I broke a small bone in my right wrist during the rescue of a trapped hummingbird. My car's water pump broke and cost me a lot of money. Then the coffeemaker went berserk. But the bubbles at the top of the coffee in the French press are beautiful. You'd never see these inside the coffeemaker, no sireebob.

The sun cleared off the early fog and shone in on the table.

There are pale violet asters, white hydrangea, butterfly bush, Mina lobata, and pale yellow and deep orange nasturtium. The flowering vines (including the orange and yellow Mina lobata above) are coming into their own. There's cypress vine with mixed blossoms in pink, deep rose, and white; climbing Thunbergia with rich yellow-orange blossoms and medium green heart-shaped leaves; Love-in-a-Puff, with intricately lobate green leaves, tiny white flowers on stalks, and pale green balloons; climbing spinach, coming along slowly; morning glories, mostly deep purple, with one Heavenly Blue; and one more vine still a mystery. I'm hoping it's cardinal flower, wither red or yellow.

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