Friday, November 24

Family Dinner

So for the curious, here's what we really did have. All recipes are from Plovokian Treasures, a treasure itself as a book, but anyway, here was the menu.

Pitsas (Finger foods, to start)

~Smoked sardines, chuncked and served with strips of purple eggplant and yellow peppers
~Small cabbages stuffed with shredded beetroot and horseradish

Black Plum Aperitif
Sparkling Prune Wine
Prune/Peach Brandy
Bosjanje Beer

Main Course

Wild Boar, spit-roasted
Blatjit Wild Grain Pilaf
Beet Greens with Pickles
Black Potato, Prune and Pepper Hotdijsh
Bread: Twisted Loaves with Seeds


Rose Hip Prune Jelly Kaks
Frozen Stirred Prune Cream served with fresh cream

Fish Last Course*

Smoked Eel Bites
Pickled Pearl Onions

Last Drink:
Pine Schnapps

* Plovakian Traditional meals usually end with fish, to clear the sweet from the palate and leave the diners with a good mouth

So Zack, you see you didn't miss any brains this time. But still wish you had been here.

Camera is on its way, last sighted in Baltimore. Like Ant and Bee's umbrella, it's on its journet.


Zack said...

You know I really mass TRADITIONAL Plovokian meals in our home.

No one knows how to make Schwindeef like you, and it's hard to find a good goat's uterus stuffed with prunes anymore.

There's a little market down the street that sells prune flour, so at least I can make nink-nink, to wrap around the basted cabbage. But I can't find Plovak's Salted-Husk Brine, so I have to use Marmite to baste the cabbage.

Jane L. Hyde said...

Hmmmmphphphph!!''''!'' [Tears of laughing and sniveling] Ahh... (sniff...) thanks, Zack, for more sweet memories. I'm glad you're in a cosmopolitan place, so you can find some of these home goods. I think I'm going to start a food blog. Just call it "Food," if that's not taken. If some people can do cats in boxes or such like, why not food? I'll let you know.