Sunday, November 26

November 25: warm day, hot music at night

Caleb was here for the week and left on Saturday the 25th, a day when the temperature got into the sixties and people went silly with raking and dogs barked at the activity. Cats lay in the sun, watching the doves and robins. My new neighbor raked and clipped all day. At night, the Blue Rags played an energetic dance show for old friends home for the holidays. "The Girl I Left (Behind Me)" got us tapping and jigging, and we never stopped till 1 a.m. Tom Sullivan celebrated his 56th birthday in the place where he'd had a skate party for his 6th, the Orange Peel. My car didn't get towed, as I knew it wouldn't. If it had, I'd have walked home, as I've done in two or three dreams, or gotten a ride. It's nice to live within walking distance just in case you have to walk. And it's good to have a dream image to inspire you.

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